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Eutopia - We made it This Far, Where Are We Headed?

Let us look at our communities, our societies, as a microcosm, a living organism, and then let us stretch that into harmonious ideals, of what can be, and what we can become. Stephen is writing about a future Eutopia, a time and place of peace and plenty. 

Astronauts from our present day take a trip,… and return to planet Earth, in a future civilization where things have progressed to a harmonious whole. What might that look like, and how can we get there? What have we learned in our present world, and what must change or transform to move forward into our own ideal future?

This presentation invites you, dear explorer, to contemplate a brighter future. Here presented are concepts to inspire and enlighten.

I hope you will join us.

Waves and Swells

Stephen Poplin presented this twist on the whether at the Fellowship on March 13, 2022

From Stephen’s temporary headquarters: “Research for Meryl Ann Butler and my program on Artists and Astrology inspired me, yet again, to encourage people to plan personal peak moments using the wave motion of the planets.”

Say what?

A crest was forming that spring. Grand and inspiring Jupiter was conjoining wondrous Neptune in the skies the 2nd week of April 2022. I urged all to plan to be inspired and moved, and each must do their part. Like planting seeds in your consciousness garden, set aside time and create the ideal circumstances to prepare for divine dictation. Stephen will offer pointers, puns and plans. Be ready for other waves. This really is a modern Almanac.

Newest Videos

God's Other Door

Edgar Cayce, the famous psychic, referred to death as “God’s other door”. How many deaths, transitions, journeys, has this author witnessed? Stephen shared tales of courage, learning, truth and discovery from his books on reincarnation, “Inner Journeys, Cosmic Sojourns: Life transforming stories, adventures and messages from a spiritual hypnotherapist’s casebook”

The audience especially enjoyed the quotes of Charles Dickens, Lewis Carroll and Edgar Cayce … be inspired. Be prepared too for some surprises, and ghost stories.

Stephen’s books can be purchased at the ARE Bookstore as well as online. For instance … at Barnes & Noble.

An Introduction to Hypnosis

Join transpersonal hypnotherapist Stephen Poplin as he offers an overview of this intriguing topic, on Halloween day. Besides aiding his viewers to understand this mysterious craft, Stephen lists the “9 Doors of Suggestion”, which are surprisingly common ways that we can be influenced, whether we know it or not. Stephen reminds us, “It is better to be informed.” Included are two guided experientials into a receptive trance state, where You make positive suggestions for yourself.

Stephen is the author of “Inner Journeys, Cosmic Sojourns: Life transforming stories, adventures and messages from a spiritual hypnotherapist’s casebook” Vol. 1 & 2.

My books on Amazon:

Videos to think by

Jesus and the Easter basket

Mixing Metaphors

On Palm Sunday millions of true believers will welcome Jesus into symbolic Jerusalem, an event leading to his personal tragedy and a historic lesson of the ages.

… and then came the chocolate bunnies and colored eggs.

Join Stephen Poplin as he weighs apples and oranges, myths and legends. He asks you to bring your faith, and incredulity.

Every spring

The 6th Century BC - the Big Picture

Stephen Poplin loves history, philosophy and astrology. He has rolled them all together and peered into the ancient past. Most religion and philosophy teachers know how special the 6th century BC was, but they don’t know why. We had some inspiration from above … but perhaps not in the orthodox sense. Truly, it all lined up in that special century. Such cosmic alignments are rare.

Now we are in the 21st Century. Presently, as we collectively are feeling the strong currents of the Aquarian Stream, it is useful to know the greater schemes of things. How can we make the most out of our present century, and communities and innovations? Perhaps we need to look up more.

We all signed up for these times. … Oh, yes we did.

Videos for the Mind

Where Shall I Put Myself?

Stephen Poplin plays with words, and tells of days playing golf (Not many days). Then he answers his rhetorical question … Well, I put myself here. Now what?

Back at you, earthling. Why are You here? I imagine you came to do something important … and the earth needs you. Yes, You. You put yourself here. Thanks for coming, and contributing.

Looking Back, Planning Tomorrow

1865 to Now Wow

Stephen ponders the big picture, patterns and promises. A painful past life by one of his clients told a tale of poison and manipulation – and recovery. Tales of cause and effect, karma and lessons.

Now what? He proposes we consciously create colorful costumes and social suppers. How? Tune in!

Videos Online

A Revealing Interview - Candace talks with Stephen

Fellow spiritual ministers come together to discuss a wide range of metaphysical and social topics. Candace Powers talks with Stephen Poplin, touching upon various topics such as: cultural conditioning and mass hypnosis; marketing and manipulation, capitalism vs cooperation; horoscopes and cosmic perceptions; ancient roots of astrology; eclipses, signs, and synchronicity; the Sun is our very own relay station of God; and the Age of Aquarius.
Well, this should keep one stimulated for several days anyway. There will be a podcast of this exchange, posted elsewhere.
Stay tuned!

The Hypnosis Hypothesis

Stephen Poplin, M.A., presents ideas and perspectives about Waking from societal slumbers. Including stories and notions from his books, Stephen takes us on an inter-dimensional journey. A talk sponsored by IANDS –  the Virginia Beach chapter of the International Association of Near Death Studies.  

Choices for the Fall - 2020

The world, but especially the USA, need re-programming. This implies that programming has already occurred … now we need to take over the helm. Where shall we sail?

Perhaps we can start with knowing where we are, and the subconscious ploys that got us here. From there, our own sincere desire could inform us about the “four stages of spiritual development”. Intrigued? Give a listen.

Born Special and on the Trail... Now, How about that GPS?

Following the Cosmic Muse … near a Solar Eclipse, 5 Dec 2021. Transpersonal astrologer and interfaith minister Stephen Poplin ponders what we are given, and how we fare thereafter. We are born with gifts and potentials, and then sometimes forget. It is a cosmic play, and he playfully mixes ideas and ideals, urging us into excellence. We are dealt a hand of cards to start “the game”, and from there on it is all about how we play. I do believe there is a joker in the deck!

The Mystic Votes

The Mystic Votes, in an Election Year –  A spiritual call to Vote. Stephen calls on all heretics to gather and choose and vote – this year and every year. An inspired talk at the Fellowship of the Inner Light –  May 2016 … it could have turned out differently. The importance of turning up, and voicing your mind … and heart.

Can I count on your vote?!

Big Cycles, Little Cycles and tricycles

Astrology of Fate: Big Cycles, Little Cycles and Tricycles
Transpersonal astrologer and author Stephen Poplin shares ideas and anecdotes about the great cycles and events we hear about in history, and at the dinner table. Some events shake the world, and others pass by with just a whimper. What can we learn from the stars, and when should we pay heed? A talk in May 2016 … and the repercussions of that year are still with us.

Discussing Spiritual Sojourns

Questions and Answers following “The Hypnosis Hypothesis”, concerning topics from my books, “Inner Journeys, Cosmic Sojourns”. This led us to Soul plans and journeys, life development, karma, life and love choices, and plan B! Are you ready?!

This talk was given at VB IANDS – Virginia Beach chapter of the International Association of Near Death Studies. The event was held at the ARE – the Association of Research and Enlightenment (the Edgar Cayce foundation) in Virginia Beach, VA, in early 2020. What a year, and phase, that brought in!

Stepping in, Showing up

Transpersonal hypnotherapist and author Stephen Poplin shares ideas and anecdotes about stepping in – hearing a call, feeling a nudge and/or just jumping in as needed. We all have opportunities to step up and be counted, to volunteer, to be of service. Sounds good, but what is the motivation? Is the call coming from grace and spirit, or from insecurity and opportunism? Listen in.

It’s in every one of us, by and by.

Surf the Now

Mystically inclined hypnotherapist and author Stephen Poplin shares ideas and anecdotes about Being in the Divine Moment. Stephen takes us on a ride to Eutopia via the akashic records, demonstrating ways we all can create special moments. Along the way, he differentiates between the made-up rules of chess and economics, and the regular and reliable rules of biology, carpentry and science. Oh, and the mystic arts.


Personal Tsunamis

Along the path of life, there may be major and minor events, catastrophes and Acts of God. From forest fires to first aid, and recycling to global Climate Change, we need to take care of our dear mother Earth. Watch for surprises, and be aware. There are natural disasters and man-made catastrophes and personal tsunamis. There are lessons along the way, of course. What are you going to do?

New Age Blues

Well now. A day in the life of a philosophically inclined New Age neo-Taoist searching for the meaning of Life, or is it rather the next hot tub under the California pines? Sometimes the trip to Enlightenment is a bummer; at other times hilarious. Have fun along the Way. Well, anyway …

A hippie reminisces.

Tarot - tuning in to 2020

There we were, back in the autumn of 2020, and it looked like we were heading for a fall. Time for divination! Stephen Poplin surprises himself at the cards, shuffled randomly and symbolically representing the USA pre-election, 2020. We look at November voting, Covid dynamics, the Big Picture for Gaia, and ideas for the future.Things are looking better than he thought.

For students of Tarot, Stephen describes a variation of the Celtic Cross. Tune in!

Seeing Beyond 2020

Wrapping Up the Year, waiting for Janus - 2021

* Note. Even though this was created some years ago, the cosmic patterns persist.

We made it, or most of us did. We will certainly look back on 2020 with mixed feelings! What did we learn? What can we take away?

Stephen calls us to remember Janus, the Roman god of portals and gateways. We are collectively in a portal now, and it has great potential for expansion and progress. Is this the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius? Let the sunshine in!

Lunar Phases

Lunar Phases: Opportunities for Growth

What is this about? Using New and Full Moons and Hypno-meditations for inner “rocket” propulsion. Stephen is not only an astrologer but a hypnotist. He paints a broad picture of larger phases and cosmic influences, and then invites you to follow the monthly lunar phases with your own horoscope Houses for maximum effectiveness. Meditation and affirmation time; Use the unconscious to propel you forward. How? Tune in!

Do your calculations, envision your ideals, this month and beyond.

Lunar Phases and Beyond: Opportunities for Growth II

Building upon the previous program, we move to Full Moons and Hypno-meditations to accomplish your goals. Stephen  paints a broad picture of larger phases and cosmic influences and “planetary songs”, and then invites you to follow the monthly lunar phases with your own horoscope for maximum effectiveness. Kamala Harris, born on a full moon, is an example. How will she fare? She’s been rather quiet, in the background thus far. Meanwhile, Stephen includes a power meditation and affirmation so that you can use the unconscious to propel you forward. How? Tune in!

Cosmic events need focus, and dreams!

Video Series

It's in the Stars - Wrapping up the Years

Asheville Friends of Astrology met virtually on 18 Dec 2020 to hear Stephen Poplin present “Wrapping up the Years, Peeking into the Future”. After some travels and adventures, Stephen is back on the East Coast, calculating and prognosticating. He promised a quick look back on the 2016 election, astrologically. Then a post election review 2020, with some gnashing of teeth; a quick look at some other Saturn-Pluto patterns, historically and pandemically; and then another view of the Scorpio Rising USA chart, and what’s ahead. Did someone mention the Pluto Return?

Part 1

Wrapping up the Years, Peeking into the Future

Astrologer Stephen Poplin covered many topics in part 1. Now We are ready to jump on the Jupiter-Saturn Aquarian wagon – or is that a helicopter? Star ship? Enjoy the Aquarian vibrations as we collectively bask in the Great Evolution in Air signs! What happened last time they were prevalent?

Hold the train! … is this a preparation for the alignment of 2026? We have collective choices to make. (Don’t tell conservatives about this.)

Then Stephen presents his synchronicity clock, the Watch-hit, which is now an app!

Part 2   > > >

Wrapping up the Years, Q & A

The cosmic topics late Dec 2020 sparked talk, discussion and questions, which then opened up the themes of celestial influences, trends and mass hypnosis. Stephen adds information connected to the upcoming “soaring twenties” and the worries and hopes they contain. How will we collectively react? Think globally.

Part 3

More Videos and Podcasts

The 9 Doors of Hypnotic Suggestion

What does a hypnotist perceive when looking at societies and traditions? – when noticing classroom situations and cultural conditioning? Well, the signs are everywhere and the implications are world-wide. It is important to be informed.

Put down your dream journals and bring your notebooks – you might want to jot some things down.
Spiritual hypnotherapist Stephen Poplin combines studies in political philosophy and childhood education and wishes to ring the bell. The ideals of many spiritual groups point positive, and we should simultaneously understand the ground level, and even sub-conscious arenas of influence. Seeds of life and learning are being planted; we need to sift the weeds from the good fruit. Some weeds are packed in fine bows and baskets. Buyer beware. Aspirer, please share!
Stephen mixes religious education and message, fun with fact. He mutes commercials.
Posted Halloween 2023

Seeing Beyond 2020 astrologically

Part 2 … Stephen discusses the highs and lows, the ins and outs following the pandemic year of 2020; Specifically the election of 2020, the USA Pluto return of 2022, and the Saturn-Neptune alignment of 2026. We are in for some tumultuous times! Using astrological charts for the USA, the Saturn-Pluto alignment of January 2020 and with a historical eye on other eras and movements, let us examine the patterns.

Leaves Change, and so do I

Autumn is a time of transformation. Nature displays its glory of colors in the dying foliage. A perennial lesson unfolds, every year: letting go is natural, and can be beautiful. It will happen to us too. Stephen reminds us that, if there is a scary illness at this end time, there may be novel ways to deal with it, for instance via laugh therapy as in the inspiration of Norman Cousins. Humor can take us to a smile, and beyond. May this be a message of hope, and mirth.
… with thanks to Unity of Roanoke Valley, Roanoke, Virginia

The Spark with Stephanie James

Hypnotherapy and Healing, December 2019

The very charming and eternal student, Stephanie James, had me on her program. She introduced me thus: Author, ordained minister, and hypnotherapist Stephen Poplin joins us on The Spark to talk about reincarnation, karma, and the importance of putting positive intention in the world today.

Here is the recording, as of January 2023.

Discussing Inner Journeys, Cosmic Sojourns

Near Death Studies: … Our guest this week, Stephen Poplin, has worn many hats: political philosopher, astrologer, transpersonal hypnotherapist. It was while practicing hypnotic regression with his clients that he uncovered not just the world of past lives, but life between lives. Following in the footsteps of hypnotherapist Michael Newton, Stephen “interviewed” thousands of people in deep trance, and heard remarkable past life stories that shed light on their present life issues.

Edgar Cayce & Spirituality

Rick DiClemente has me again on his show. His words: Special guest, Stephen Poplin, M.A., CHT – Hypnotherapist, regressionist  and astrologer. Stephen talks of life in-between incarnations. Where do we go in-between incarnations?  A friend of the Edgar Cayce Association in Virginia Beach, VA, he talks a good bit about Edgar Cayce and Cayce’s view on Astrology and interplanetary  sojourns. 

Video Series

Children of the Light - One

We of course know about the Baby Boomers, still listening to that good ol’ rock and roll, Generation X, the Millennials and more. Stephen Poplin, astrologer and philosopher, plots the grand cycles, describing the various peer groups and visionaries born at particular times, and for specific missions. Where do you fit in? Are you an emissary? Part One introduces some of the star players, like Uranus and Neptune, and Stephen makes the case for the beginning of the Aquarian Age, already here. Workshop from 25 January 2020. Yes, That 2020.

Children of the Light - Two

Stephen Poplin, astrologer and philosopher, digs the Baby Boomers, opines about Generation X, the Millennials and more. Introducing another key player, Pluto, Stephen then cobbles together a cast of cosmic characters and how they influence, prod and inspire waves of people. Generations. This will take us from the 1960s into the 1990s, with events, music and views, … Where do you fit in? Are you an emissary?

Children of the Light - Venus-Sun

The Celestial Apollo – Aphrodite Dance … 2004 – 2012. Calling all teens! Stephen Poplin, astrologer and philosopher, was out-voted and off on his own concerning the real dynamics of the famous 2012 Mayan Calendar event. He presents his case here for your review and consideration. The children born during this special time are already contributing worldwide since 2018. Greta Thunberg is certainly a star, but there are others. Are you aware of these newcomers?

Learning Astrology

An Introduction to Astrology

There are many ways to approach this subject. Stephen Poplin, astrologer and social philosopher, cobbles together a cast of cosmic characters and how they influence, prod and inspire individuals, waves of people, and even nations. Watch for signs and patterns; be aware of the divine complexity and meanings. Online class from early June, 2020. Yes, That 2020.

The 2020 stars for the USA

It started out innocently enough. Stephen Poplin, astrologer and social philosopher, presented an Introduction to Astrology for an online class in early June, 2020. Things got thick in this part 2, for we took a peek at the USA in this tumultuous year. The outer planets are indicating inner strife and tumult, especially in November.

Things got intense.